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Fiancé Blows Wedding Money On A Gaming PC

Fiancé Blows Wedding Money On A Gaming PC

Fiancé Blows Wedding Money On A Gaming PC

Having been married for a little over 10-years now, I am fully-aware that weddings are an expensive thing. Eye-watering so at times! Following an amazingly detailed post on Reddit, however, one user has told the story on how her Fiancé just spent their entire budget (wedding and honeymoon) on a brand new gaming PC.

Of course, there are people who will inevitably take this too far though. Take, for instance, the seemingly rather selfish fellow who developed quite the affinity for the world of gaming in the last few months and blew his entire wedding fund.

Asking for advice, the user has posted how her prospective husband spent their entire wedding savings (around $8,000) to buy himself a brand new gaming PC. Worse, since the purchase, she says that he has mostly been ignoring her and the house work. The TLDR version reads:

“My finacé [fiancé]spent all the money that we were saving for our wedding to buy a gaming pc and now all he does the whole day is play video games. He has totally ignored me and he has forgotten that I even exist in the house. He has also stopped doing all the house chores and has also totally ignored his work that he was supposed to do from home.”

The poor lady went on to detail in the thread of her fiance’s alleged behaviour since he took ownership of his new rig, stating that he has effectively refused to do anything other than leave his gaming chair for the past 2 weeks. These problems aside, the story may leave you wondering what you would have to do to spend more than a new hatchback on a gaming rig. The poster claims that he also bought a new table and gaming chair to go with his new PC, but that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

A top-end gaming rig should set you back anywhere around $5,000 and allow you to play pretty much any modern game on its highest graphics setting. To spend nearly twice that, as many commenters in the Reddit thread pointed out, is nothing short of insanity. 

Even so, it is theoretically possible, however wholly unnecessary it may seem. A number of different computer components exist that are used in PCs doing computational work for scientific or mathematical modelling, all of which have far greater processing needs than any video game currently out there. Whatever the truth of the matter may be, the fact remains that money simply can’t buy sense.

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