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Man Suffers 4 Hour Erection With Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection

Man Suffers 4 Hour Erection With Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection

Man Suffers 4 Hour Erection With Covid-19 Coronavirus Infection

A coronavirus patient in France suffered a four-hour erection due to a blood clot that may have been triggered by the illness, doctors have warned. The 62-year-old man experienced the painful condition known as priapism while in the intensive care unit at a Le Chesnay hospital, according to a case report in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine. If you have ever listened to a Viagra commercial, you’ll know that an erection lasting for more than four hours is not a good thing. It’s way beyond the “this is exciting” stage. After all, nothing is that exciting for more than four hours.

Doctors initially applied an ice pack to the area, but after four hours his erection still had not disappeared. Using a needle, they instead decided to drain the blood from his penis and discovered that it was full of blood clots, the report said.

Doctors said blood clots are common among coronavirus patients, but his case was the first known of priapism, which is caused by blood trapped in the penis.

What is priapism?

PRIAPISM is a persistent and often painful erection that lasts for longer than four hours.

Typically it causes erections without sexual stimulation.

The condition develops when blood in the penis gets trapped in the blood vessels and can’t drain out.

If it’s not treated immediately, the condition can cause scarring and permanent erectile dysfunction.

Priapism can happen in all age groups, including newborns.

But it usually affects boys aged five to ten and men aged 20 to 50.

There are two types of priapism:

  • low-flow priapism – where blood gets trapped in the erection chambers. It often happens without a known cause in healthy blokes, but can also happen in patients with sickle cell disease and leukaemia.
  • high-flow priapism – this is more rare and not usually painful. It’s the result of a ruptured artery, and is often caused by injury to the penis or perineum.

A common cause of the condition is the use and misuse of certain drugs.

For more information visit the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors tried putting an ice pack on his penis but that didn’t topple the problem. When the problem got close to being four hours long, the doctors decided to erect a plan. Fortunately, it wasn’t too hard a problem to solve. They stuck a needle into the blood vessels of his penis. This wasn’t done for fun because needles in penis and fun go together like sewage and bed sheets. Rather, they wanted to sample the blood for testing.

Priapism can be a very painful condition. So can having needles stuck in your penis. But the patient was on the ventilator and thus sedated throughout the whole ordeal.

The blood sample had dark blood clots and high carbon dioxide and low oxygen contents. This was consistent with ischemic or low-flow priapism. Ischemia basically means not getting enough blood to certain body parts. Blood was probably not flowing out of his penis due to blood clots blocking the exit. When blood stays in the same place and can’t return to the lungs, it gets depleted of oxygen and loaded more and more with carbon dioxide.

The doctors injected a medication, ethylephrine, into, yes, his penis. This medication can stimulate the sympathetic nerves in that area, which in turn can relax the blood vessels in the penis. (Sympathetic nerves are part of your sympathetic nervous system and not nerves that are sympathetic to you having an erection for four hours.)

Things then calmed down so to speak. They also gave him 40 mg of a blood thinner, enoxaparin, twice a day to help prevent any further blood clots. Eventually, after 14 days, the doctors were able to take him off the ventilator.

So there is a decent chance that Covid-19 led to this man’s, ahem, standing problem. This case report showed yet another potential complication that can further contribute to Covid-19 being a stiff uphill battle.

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