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Michael Jordan Shoes Auctioned For $615,000 Setting New Record

Michael Jordan Shoes Auctioned For $615,000 Setting New Record

Michael Jordan Shoes Auctioned For $615,000 Setting New Record

A pair of Nikes worn by Michael Jordan has broken the record for the most expensive sneakers ever sold at auction, fetching $615,000. The Nike Air Jordan 1 High shoes, which had an estimated sale price of between $650,000 and $850,000, were used by the basketball star during an exhibition game played in Trieste, Italy in the summer of 1985, according to Christie’s.
“The new mark reached with the ‘Shattered Backboard’ Air Jordan 1 is special for Stadium Goods because that model occupies such a singular place in sneaker culture,”
“This sale once again confirms that sneakers are cultural artifacts and deserve to be listed alongside other luxury items in the collectibles marketplace.”

This pair was sourced from Gianni Bertolitti, the captain of the Stefanel team, who was given the shoes by Jordan after the game, Christie’s said.

Christie’s and Stadium Goods had expected the sneakers to sell for between  US$650,000 and US$850,000.

However, the sale price still shattered the previous record, which had belonged to another pair of Jordan-worn sneakers, Nike Air Jordan 1S, that sold for US$560,000 at a Sotheby’s auction in May.

Christie’s 11-lot sale from July 30 to Aug. 13 titled “Original Air: Michael Jordan Game-Worn and Player Exclusive Sneaker Rarities,” fetched a total of US$931,875 with an 82% sell-through rate, the auction house said.

Other highlights included the Air Jordan 7 “Olympic” the former NBA star wore in the Dream Team’s gold medal game in 1992, which sold for US$112,500 against a pre-sale estimate of between US$50,000 and $70,000; and a pair of Air Jordan 1 TYPS, MJ player exclusive signed sneakers from 1985, that sold for US$62,500.

The record setting sales highlight the soaring market value of objects identified with the retired basketball superstar since the release of “The Last Dance,” an ESPN/Netflix documentary that chronicles the saga of Jordan and his Chicago Bulls.

It also confirms that the lowly sneaker now has a place of pride in the world of wealthy collectors alongside more traditional collectibles.

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