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Supernatural Season 15 Starts Filming On Final Two Episodes

Supernatural Season 15 Starts Filming On Final Two Episodes

Supernatural Season 15 Starts Filming On Final Two Episodes

Production on the final two episodes of Supernatural season 15 has begun. The long-running CW series first began in 2005, back when the network was the WB. It follows brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as they take on the family business of hunting the creatures that go bump in the night: Ghosts, demons, monsters, and everything in between. Despite talks that Supernatural would end with season 5, the series continued on thanks to its passionate fan base. They were stunned when, last year, it was announced Supernatural would finally come to an end with season 15.

The CW at the time opted to hold back seven episodes, including the two that were yet to be shot, for a final chapter to air in fall 2020. In anticipation for filming to resume this week, the network yesterday set an October 8 premiere for series’ final batch of episodes, leading to the series finale.

This marks the first WBTV series to resume production in Vancouver. It joins Netflix’s Midnight Mass, which recently started filming, with ABC’s The Good Doctor leading a list of other shows that are expected to start filming in the next two weeks.

This puts Supernatural on track to wrap up its run in November. Earlier this week, the CW announced Supernatural will return on October 8 before airing its series finale on November 19. While the show previously expected to begin production at the end of July, the ongoing health situation likely forced producers to make some adjustments. Nevertheless, Supernatural is finally back on track to wrap up its lengthy run.

This definitely isn’t the send-off many were expecting, but the extra delay could have been a blessing in disguise for Supernatural season 15. Now, fans will be given what is essentially a second final season, and the CW’s president Mark Pedowitz already promised Supernatural’s final episodes will be treated as a major event. This will come as a relief to fans who want Sam and Dean to get the big finish they deserve. Exactly how it will all wrap up remains to be seen, but the cameras are officially rolling, and fans only have to wait a little while longer to see it all come together.

Supernatural’s remaining seven episodes are slated to unspool this fall on The CW, beginning Thursday, Oct. 8 at 8/7c. The grand finale, meanwhile, is set to air Thursday, Nov. 19 as part of a two-hour event, with the retrospective Supernatural: The Long Road Home airing at 8 pm, followed by the final episode of the series at 9 pm.

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