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Twitch Deletes Black Lives Matter Video After Backlash

Twitch Deletes Black Lives Matter Video After Backlash

Twitch Deletes Black Lives Matter Video After Backlash

Twitch has deleted a tweet from its official account that included a video in support of Black Lives Matter after a number of Black content creators pointed out that it lacked representation. Twitch put up a video in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, celebrating some of the money raised through streaming, and featuring those who have spoken out about the movement.

Black creators took to Twitter to express their dismay that the video had failed to properly represent Black people, highlighting the many streamers who would have been better suited to speak. Twitch has now deleted the video.

In response to the backlash, Twitch said it “heard” what critics were saying, but argued its goal was to demonstrate “the importance of allyship”, a message Twitch says it failed to make clear. In the replies to this tweet, many argued that Black voices should be given priority over allies, and that Twitch is yet to act on the video’s message of promoting Black content creators.

This isn’t the only controversy Twitch has faced this week, as another video celebrating LGBTQ+ content creators was criticised for a slogan claiming the “G in LGBTQIA+ also stands for gamer”. The video for this was deleted, and then reposted without the controversial graphic.

That video has since been taken down and re-published without the phrase.


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